Kirkwood: Kitchen

Luckily, the previous owner of my house did an AMAZING job remodeling the kitchen. In fact, it was one of the main things that really wowed me when I first showed up at the open house. I love to cook and entertain, so for me, there is nothing better than an open kitchen. That said, I’m really loving the brass cabinet knobs and drawer pulls that have been making a resurgence lately (inspiration via the one and only Orlando Soria). This was my biggest splurge for something small that makes a big impact. I couldn’t be happier with how the brass hardware turned out compared to the silver hardware that was there when we moved in. I got these 1″ knobs and these 3.5″ pulls.

Since we were replacing the silver hardware, I wanted to make some updates to the open shelving that was there too (since the old shelves were also silver). Previously, these IKEA shelves were mounted. I liked the look of them–they just needed a bit of repurposing.

  1. First, we spray painted the brackets black (to appear “bronze”).
  2. Next, we got custom cut stair threads to the exact length of the IKEA shelves. Fun fact: if you get 1″ lumber, it typically is only 3/4″, so bring your measuring tape to make sure you are getting exactly 1″ thick lumber 🙂 Thankfully, I had this handy-dandy blog post in my back pocket to steer me straight.
  3. After having the fine folks @ Lowe’s cut down my stair thread to the exact size of the previous IKEA shelf, I stained the two shelves (Mini Wax English Chestnut).
  4. Once everything was dry, we mounted (in the pre-existing holes) and luckily, it all fit ;).

Absolutely love the kitchen now!


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