Kirkwood: Laundry Room

One of the perks of the new house is a real laundry room (not just a closet)! This can be awesome for many reasons, one being that you can throw all of your cleaning/supplies/storage stuff in said room. However, this was kind of hard to do with the non-existent storage in the room when we moved in. After taking at our existing space and some pinterest inspiration, we decided to install a mini-mud room, complete with reclaimed wood and IKEA hacks (my fave).

  1. I started off by building 1 tall, skinny Billy bookcase, and 2 short skinny Billy bookcases (one with a door).
  2. Blake mounted these to the wall, while I stained the interlocking wood we picked up at Lowe’s (and then custom cut to the right size). He mounted the tall skinny bookcase flush with the wall on the left, and the two shorter skinny bookcases horizontally on the wall (one on the floor, the other parallel with the top of the tall skinny bookcase).
  3. We then added the stained (and dry) wood to the wall, and plan on finishing with hooks for coats.

This mini mud room may just be my favorite part of the house. There’s now tons of storage, and once topped with a cushion, will be the perfect place to take off your shoes when coming in from the backyard.



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