Kirkwood: Master Closet

Sooo I bought my first house! Yippee! The seller did an amazing job remodeling everything, but of course, Blake and I found more projects to start šŸ™‚ The first project we tackled was remodeling the master closet to be more functional. The previous layout had no drawer storage, and corners were lost with overlapping rods. After busting out the electric saw (on Blake’s part) and some IKEA hacks (on my part), we created a custom built-in closet which came out looking incredible!

  1. I started with the RAST dressers (a steal @ $35 a pop). After building (a feat in and of it self), I painted the surfaces that would be exposed the same color as the closet.
  2. Once dried, I patched the pre-drilled holes and painted those again. I then added my own hardware from
  3. Blake mounted the stacked rast dressersĀ andĀ one Billy bookcaseĀ to one side of the closet, and a skinny billy bookcase to the other side. I used the wider bookcase for shoes, and the skinnier bookcase for purses.
  4. After all that, we ended up with way more storage as well as hanging space, since we added a second rod across the length of the wall on the left. Good work team!



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